Built an FCG this year for Halloween.  Test flight posted:


I considered black chrome plating but ultimately went a different direction and did powder coating.  Note that this particular finish has some metal flake to it, but the effect is extremely subtle and you can't really tell without sunlight.  I intentionally flashed a couple of pictures to make the metal flake stand out so you can see it, but I assure you, its much more subtle in person.  This machine was a TPF in March so some of you may have seen it there.
I'm not sure this helps much...
Almost finished with the lighted Army of the Dead mod for LOTR.  I've got a problem with the ball getting stuck behind the right-side Dead guy.  Need to figure out how to fix.

While I had the machine apart, I added Gimli, Baromir, and 2 more Ring Wraiths.  I also removed the plastic mounting pieces for all the figures on the slings, Sauromon (sp??), Aragorn, and the Orak-ur (again sp??!?!?) warrior in the back.  I added a blue LED accent light on the Ring Wraiths as well.
Got my new WH20 playfield in from Bay Area today!!  Ordered 4/13, shipped 4/14, arrived 4/20 (I'm in Texas).  Overall I'm very pumped about the new playfield!  Clearcoat looks good so far.  Mini playfield has a bit of a smudge in the black outline where Bigfoot goes.  I think this will be covered by a plastic, so I'm hoping its nbd.  Has some clearcoat on the back side of the playfield.  Don't think thats a big deal either.  First impressions are this is an absolutely gorgeous playfield and I'm very happy!!
Here are a couple of vids.  More on youtube.com
Well, its over until next year.  Had a blast as usual.  My Dracula won the Best 1990's Pinball award at the show.  Lots of nice comments and good conversations on the restore process and details. 
The 2010 Texas Pinball Festival starts tomorrow.  Had a fliptronics board issue on Dracula earlier this week (fixed now), so haven't had a chance to do any sort of packing for the pinfest.  I need to get both BSD and RS broken down, wrapped, and loaded.... busy night ahead.

Tyler's latest play opens tomorrow night as well - he is going to be a great villain!