The 2010 Texas Pinball Festival starts tomorrow.  Had a fliptronics board issue on Dracula earlier this week (fixed now), so haven't had a chance to do any sort of packing for the pinfest.  I need to get both BSD and RS broken down, wrapped, and loaded.... busy night ahead.

Tyler's latest play opens tomorrow night as well - he is going to be a great villain!


05/07/2017 08:16

Good luck to all pinball lovers who are going to join Pinball Festival in Texas! I know how much you love the craft, and this is the perfect time to showcase what you guys had prepared for! Though there are still technical problems that have to be solved, I know that tomorrow's going to be a fine and full of energy day for everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor!

05/17/2017 23:16

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